Rye Ridge


is actively purchasing oil and gas minerals, royalties, working interest, and leasehold in the United States. 

Have you wondered what your interest might be worth? We can give you a quick No-Strings Attached offer

Founded in the Rockies  EST 2015

Sell Minerals

  • Lump sum of cash now for future cash flows
  • Decreases exposure to commodity price fluctuations
  • Remove the uncertainty of future drilling activity and timing
  • Free up cash for unexpected life events
  • Settle Estate disputes or inheritance issues
  • Let us assume the risk of future development by selling part of your mineral  property
Rye Ridge Resources


We evaluate current and future production combined with our best guess to the future price of oil and or gas.

We want to close every deal as soon as possible, however we must do final title checks, assuming clear title our goal is to close within two weeks.

Target States for RRRFII

Where we buy

We know that selling your mineral rights is a big decision and is often prompted by a life event. That is why we prefer to have more of a personal touch, trying to meet in person whenever possible and offering you the best price for your property in a timely manner.