About Us

Rye Ridge Resources, LLC is a privately-owned oil and gas asset company based in Denver, Colorado. Rye Ridge Resources purchases oil and gas mineral, royalties and overriding royalty interest in the Rocky Mountain west.

Rye Ridge couples its best-in-class business development skillset with strong basin knowledge.

  • Professional & Confidential
  • Well Capitalized Company
  • Based in the Rocky Mountain West
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Direct, Personal Contact
  • Proud to be American Owned

Meet Our Team

Reed Dixon

Reed Dixon, Founder and President

Reed Dixon founded Rye Ridge Resources in 2015 to purchase mineral properties in the DJ Basin. Prior to starting Rye Ridge, Reed worked as Landman and Project Manager for Transcontinent Oil Company for four years, focused on business development and project management.

Reed managed both mineral and lease buying projects across the Rocky Mountain region. He also built strong relationships with many major E&P companies in Denver and across the United States. Prior to Transcontinent, Reed worked in manufacturing and tech in a financial analyst capacity. Reed graduated from the University of Denver with a BS in Finance and a minor in Legal Studies. Reed now lives in Denver with his wife and daughters.  

Logan Heffner, Partner, VP Engineering

Logan Heffner is VP of Engineering for Rye Ridge Resources, LLC. Before joining Rye Ridge, Logan worked for Great Western Oil and Gas as Senior Reservoir Engineer focused in the DJ Basin of Colorado. While at Great Western, Logan focused on business development along with field planning, reservoir characterization, and reserve engineering. Before Great Western, Logan worked for QEP Resources as a Reservoir Engineer focused in the Rocky Mountains, involved in the development of tight gas fields and exploratory projects.

Prior to QEP, Logan was with Goodrich Petroleum as Reservoir Engineer with a brief stint in operations engineering. At Goodrich, he worked mainly in horizontal shale/tight oil and gas exploration and development in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Logan has a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines. Logan lives in Denver with his wife and children.

Logan Heffner